Tutors - terms and conditions

Some Important Terms & Conditions for Tutor’s Registration:-

1. Tutors will pay Rs. 999/= as a non-refundable registration fee (Valid for running session / minimum for 6 months/ minimum for one tuition).

2. Tutors will take the classes regularly, punctually and professionally.

3. Tutors hold all the responsibilities of the student's academic performance and I assure to “JMD Tutor” to be very professional in the tutoring services.

4. Tutors will not discuss anything with the parents/ students about the tuition fee and the terms and conditions held between parents and “JMD Tutor”.

5. Tutors will take the chapter wise test of the student regularly and will update the result to parents/ student and "JMD Tutor".

5. Tutors will inform to "JMD Tutor" in case of:-

(b) When tuition is dropped or discontinued by you or parents/ student.

6. Tutor will not change given contact number but if Tutors do so, Tutors will update to “JMD Tutors”, immediately.

7. Tutor will collect the tuition fee after completion of one month in days.

8. Tutor will carry identity proof/card issued by “JMD Tutors” during the classes and will show to parents/student if required.

9. Tutor will submit Xerox copy of educational qualification, Voter identity proof/ Aadhar card, PAN card for signature verification, two recent color photographs and other required documents. Note- The tutor can mail his/ her documents at info@jmdtutor.com / jmdtutor@gmail.com